Using the Map

This map works beautifully on all devices, including your smartphone.  Use the "small" version for small devices.  
It might take a little practice but you will love it.

Getting accustomed to using the Google Sightseeing Map might be a bit frustrating for some.  Here are some simple pointers:

  1. Use standard gestures on touch devices in lieu of some of the instructions below.
  2. Zoom in and out by using the + and – keys on the map or by using your mouse wheel.
  3. Before zooming, you should position the map so that your point of interest is centered.
  4. Reposition the map by holding down your mouse key and moving the mouse around.
  5. To view the Manu'a Islands, zoom out and look for Manu'a by moving the map left.

We apologize for not including the Manu’a islands on the first view of the map.  This is because Manu’a is just too far from Tutuila to be included on the same small screen.  Using the above instructions will allow you to enjoy viewing all of Manu’a.