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US Representative Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen

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Amata Advises on Army Administrative Memo for US Nationals

May 3, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Thursday, Congresswoman Aumua Amata advised members of the military from American Samoa and their families that there is no Pentagon policy change regarding U.S. Nationals. Instead, a recent U.S. Army administrative memo informs on the necessary process for those U.S. Armed Forces personnel that plan on certain career advancements, such as becoming commissioned officers or obtaining security clearances.

“My office has received inquiries from some of our service men and women about a recent Army administrative memo. While there isn’t a policy change, the Army is seeking to inform U.S. Nationals of their options, and ensure their data is correct so that those in roles requiring citizenship don’t have problems in the future. I support the right of U.S. Nationals to choose whether or not to become citizens, so I’m pleased that citizenship remains a personal decision even for members of the Armed Forces.

“At the same time, various advancements within the military ranks, such as security clearances and serving as a commissioned officer, do require citizenship – which has been a longstanding requirement for those roles.

Amata with Soldiers Perofeta and Taumua at Fort Bragg
Amata with soldiers at Fort Bragg this week.

“In the case of commissioned officers and those pursuing security clearances, they should have already become citizens. If there’s a deficiency in the Army’s paperwork on that, they will have nine months to comply with the requirement to prove citizenship for those specific roles.

“The Army will also be working with U.S. Nationals who are not commissioned officers to be sure they know the citizenship requirement for certain paths of advancement, and to guide them in the process, should they choose to pursue citizenship in preparation for future career opportunities.

“If you need assistance, caseworkers in my office are happy to discuss the citizenship process and the military’s requirements.”