Aumua Amata and Natural Resources Subcommittee Hold Hearing on LBJ

July 25, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –Tuesday, Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian, Insular, and Alaska Natives held an oversight hearing on the status of LBJ hospital. The purpose of the hearing was to examine possible avenues of improvement for both the hospital and the people of American Samoa’s access to quality healthcare.

LBJ Hearing with admin from AS
Aumua Amata with witnesses Tofoitaufa Sandra King Young and Taufete’e John Faumuina.

“Today’s hearing is the result of nearly two years effort which culminated in the CODEL to the Territory this past February,” stated Amata. “I have never been more encouraged about the possible opportunities before us to improve the lives of the people of American Samoa. This hearing is just the first step in what I hope will result in substantial improvements to healthcare access on the islands, “continued the Congresswoman.

Specifically, todays subcommittee hearing focused on numerous issues troubling the hospital including, funding, staff retention, logistics, aging equipment, water quality, and our veteran’s inability to utilize the facility.

To facilitate any new hospital, renovation, or construction, the Congresswoman has introduced legislation that partners GAO with DOI, VA, and CMS to perform a feasibility study on the proposal.

Also in attendance was full committee Chairman Rob Bishop of Utah who stated, “Rep. Radewagen has been a continuous advocate for healthcare access and improving care conditions for the people of American Samoa. This important oversight hearing will help the Committee build a record for reform going forward.”

LBJ HearingChairman of the full committee Rob Bishop listening to the testimony of today’s witnesses

“I want to thank Chairman Rob Bishop for his leadership and the members of this subcommittee for their participation in this hearing,” said Amata. “I would like to especially thank Rep. Bruce Westerman who does not sit in this subcommittee but took his own time to visit the territory and participate here today. Finally, I would like to thank Faumuina Taufete’e John Faumuina, CEO of LBJ and Tofoitaufa Sandra King Young, American Samoa Medicaid Director for making the trip to Washington to testify before the subcommittee,” concluded Amata.

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